To sublime as a human being is to grasp that profound change can happen in an instant. Much like dry ice can mesmerisingly transform into gas, mankind can unleash its full potential in a sudden moment”

—Karam Devta Singh

We have spent multiple years researching and using our own experience to write this book. It is not just a story, but a revelation of an era transcending the limits of our current society. The constrains you might encounter today can easily crumble, as soon as you meet another truth, revealing an infinite and dormant potential within you.

What People Say

“I was worried about how Artificial Intelligence develops, but now I realise that technology can be of great help in putting humanity and nature at the heart of our new civilisation”

— Our first reader

Book Homo Sublima - The Revelations - Hardcover

HOMO SUBLIMA – The Revelations

This work, spanning more than three years of research and reflection, delivers a broader view of our society’s evolution, from past to future. Amid extensive technological advancements, particularly in Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Biology, we seem to have gained tremendous power to alter, or even enhance our world as well as our own body. Considering the changes that are occurring, which are both undeniable and profound, we need guidance to ensure the survival of our species, and our habitat, our Mother Earth

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